Performance di PITTI su FILOBUS
per Sofia Capitale della Cultura 2019

 EUROPOST- Albino Pitti’s picture on a trolley bus in Sofia

19 October, 2012
Sofia's bid for European Capital of Culture 2019 was supported by world famous Italian artist Albino Pitti. On 17 October he would draw a painting on a public trolley bus in Sofia.
Pupils from the National Learning Complex of Culture with Studying Italian language laid down the first brush strokes.
"When I happened to visit Sofia for the first time, I fell in love with the city. I felt a sudden rush of inspiration and ideas started racing through my mind, so I decided to come back and deliver a performance here," Pitti said and elaborated that it was his idea to paint his work upon a trolley bus. "I love motion, I love to create motion and for this reason I opted for painting on a trolley bus. A trolley bus is a communication channel and strange ideas dawn on you onboard. Sofia is a city in motion and I fully support its application for European Capital of Culture 2019," the artist said.
Albino Pitti is among the leading artists in contemporary abstract art. Over the recent four decades he has made over 22,000 artworks. His paintings are on show in 17 museums across the world; he has staged over 500 exhibitions and 80 performances, and 24 studies on his manner and works have been published.

L’Ambasciatore Conticelli ha presenziato alla performance dell’artista italiano Albino Pitti a Sofia insieme al Sindaco della Citta di Sofia, Yordanka Fandakova

L’artista italiano Albino Pitti ed alcuni allievi del Liceo italiano a Gorna Banja hanno dipinto un filobus sulla piazza “Batemberg” nel centro di Sofia.

L’Ambasciatore d’Italia in Bulgaria, presente alla performance, ha salutato con soddisfazione l’evento che approfondisce – ha detto - la collaborazione nella sfera della cultura tra Bulgaria e Italia anche nella prospettiva della candidatura congiunta dei due Paesi per il titolo di “Capitale Europea della Cultura 2019”.


Sono contenta che la candidatura di Sofia a Capitale Europea della Cultura si e guadagnata il sostegno di grandi nomi dell’arte contemporanea, tra i quali senza dubbio vi e il sig. Albino Pitti, ha detto il Sindaco di Sofia, Yordanka Fandakova. Ulteriori approfondimenti: Comune di Sofia Foto: Comune di Sofia


The Italian Vanguard Albino Pitti supported the candidature of Sofia with Artwork on a Troleybus

The world famous painter from Italy Albino Pitty made an art performance live in the centre of Sofia on 17 October in which he expressed his support for Sofia`s candidature for European capital of culture 2019. Children from the 5th and 7th grade of the National Learning Complex for Culture and Learning Italian also took part in the event.

Their canvass was a public transport trolleybus which was placed on the parking in front of the National Art Gallery. The Italian vanguard invited the children to paint whatever they like on it by using their imagination. This caused elation among the pupils who painted the trolleybus with various flowers, hearts and suns. After the children painted the whole vehicle, the painter took the paintbrush and started ‘dancing with her’ on the sides of the trolleybus. Every stroke was precise and filled with a lot of energy and mastery. The bystanders of the performance were thrilled by its artistry and witnessed the birth of a piece of art.

The result is a vanguard painting which is currently being displayed along the street-route of trolleybus №9 as a gift from Pitti to the citizens. The mayor of Sofia Yordanka Fandakova and the Ambassador of Italy – H.E. Marco Conticelli also visited the event. The Ambassador was happy to attend the event which “deepens the cooperation in the field of culture between Italy and Bulgaria especially in view of the joint application of both countries for the title ‘European Capital of Culture’. ‘I am happy that Sofia`s candidature for European capital of culture is attracting the support of prominent names in contemporary art such as Albino Pitti’ commented Yordanka Fandakova, Mayor of Sofia. The event was widely reported by the media and provoked numerous controversial comments.

Pitti himself shared his opinion for his performance before the audience:

 ‘/…/ many people cannot understand art but the idea of the paintings on the trolleybus is that it does not have a beginning and end, the same as life itself. My art wants to go beyond the frameworks, boundaries, plans and Sofia wants to do the same. I am one of the many people who would like to help Sofia to become capital of culture in 2019’ – Darik News.

‘When I start to paint for me there is no beginning or end’ he said. ‘Everything is one constant motion. If I have to be frank – I can paint until I faint, until I exhaust my physical strength’. – Radio Sofia.

The Italian Albino Pitti is among the leading artists in contemporary abstract art and in the last 40 years has more than 22 000 completed pieces of art. His paintings are displayed in 17 museums around the world, he has more than 500 exhibitions and 80 performances. His style and art are the topic of 24 books out of which the best description belongs to the critic Gulielmo Jilotti: ‘For Pitti an art-work is not created, it needs to explode!’


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